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The secrets of copper

Attabaa, 42 years old, made copper and nickel silver (mix of copper, nickel, zinc) his specialty. He makes oriental lamps and Moroccan decoration in his workshop based in Souk Belarif in Marrakech.

Which techniques do you use?

The different techniques that are necessary to make a piece are: stamping for the shaping part or levelling to finish the piece. There is also hammering of metal sheets, melting and shaping metal.

What are your favorite materials?

Yellow copper (brass), red copper, silvery metal, ruolz, zinc and nickel.

Where do you find your inspiration?

My inspiration mainly comes from the fact that my creations link both Moroccan tradition and modernity, which makes my products very authentic with a chic and modern touch. I am always looking for new models and new designs from the Middle East; sometimes European. My priority is that my lamps made in copper are made using the ancient Moroccan techniques.

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