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Wood carving

Hamza, 23 years old, made of marquetry his specialty. Hamza, 23 years old, made of marquetry his specialty

A young artisan

Hamza is a young moroccan artisan who is from the port city Essaouira, located on the Atlantic coast of Morocco. He discovers the work of the Thuya wood and the marquetry very early. His family moved to Marrakech when he was still young. Ever since he was a little boy, he met with the local artisans during summer break to learn the traditional techniques and the specific vocabulary. Today, he opened his own workshop in the Medina with help of his father and his brother.

What techniques do you use?

The marquetry requires precision and patience. Many techniques are used in that art : sculpting, engraving, drilling, cutting, flaking or even polishing to make the wood smoother and glossier.

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